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  • Sat, 13:31: When you hear someone strumming a guitar that is so out of tune and playing random chords. My ears... I think it's broken.
  • Sat, 15:43: So I may have lost that Chanel face powder while I was moving apartments. I guess it's goodbye to that $57 cosmetic… https://t.co/BC6VkhYWCD
  • Sat, 15:49: Good thing my face is tan and clean enough without the need to mask anything. Lipstick and perfume will do for this… https://t.co/wXATPyAVau
  • Sun, 05:39: When you obviously can't dance but you love your friends too much and you don't really want to spoil the party for… https://t.co/h8ovZrqGjh
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    Sun, 12:54: RT @ qc: “People change and life moves on; what a beautifully terrifying thought.” — Lynette Simeone https://t.co/hbGYvGjZcT…

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